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Fighting hard to improve and promote the Affordable Care Act for all Californians.


About Rightway Healthcare

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Rightway Healthcare is a multi-ethnic health plan provider with a focus on servicing inner city communities as an HMO that’s PPO friendly with POS contracts as a health plan service provider to support and improve the Affordable Care Act, and establish a transformation in the way all of us think about and support health for all Californians.

We feel the Affordable Care Act missed the mark on attracting and sustaining the non-elderly target market.  It tends to lack quality and lower cost health plan options that cater to the urban inner city working poor, individuals and single parent families, the over-looked inner city populations that big insurance companies don’t address, and Rightway Healthcare is here to support the needs and concerns of the lower income inner city young adults and family populations.

How We Help Our Community

We Provide The Path To Help You Receive The Quality Care You Need.

Health Plan Provider

Rightway Healthcare is a fresh and unique health plan provider for our local communities.

HMO PPO Friendly

A focus on silver and bronze tier plans that serve all of our Black, Brown and Asian communities.

Community Based

We’re focused on the needs and concerns of lower income inner city young adults and families.

Brand vs Generic

Our goal is to provide low and no-cost prescription drugs to those involved with our program.

Medical Software

Our medical software designed to allow doctors to provide better, more efficient care.

Medical Claims Processing

Plus integration with HISs to improve health education, screening, prevention of disease.

Low Cost Healthcare

Low Cost quality, affordable healthcare in communities that big insurance doesn’t address.

B Corporation

A Corporation that considers the society and the environment in all our decision-making.

Wonderful resources to help us meet our healthcare goals.

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